Our Story

Andreoli began from a dream: to bring luxury Italian jewelry to the United States.
In the early 1900s, the Hadjibay family noticed something integral missing from America’s jewelry market and made to fill the gap. In 1945, the family opened the doors of its exquisite fine jewelry shop, and the luxury brand of Andreoli was born.

The aim: to bring the empowering beauty and charm of Italian design to American society.

Based in Italy and importing to the United States, Andreoli soon became a leading house in the precious gem industry. By the 1970s, Andreoli was renowned within the trade of designing and handcrafting vibrant, fine jewelry. Andreoli opened a showroom at Rockefeller Plaza in 2005, marking the company's expansion to the United States.

Today, Andreoli’s team of devoted artisans is globally recognized for combining brilliant gems with expert craftsmanship. Operating from its Rockefeller Center headquarters, the Andreoli house uses precious gemstones and contemporary metals to create stately, one-of-a-kind designs.

Bold Design

Andreoli merges its proud Italian heritage with American sensibility, blending sophistication and whimsical modernity in each piece. Andreoli’s signature collar necklaces are the epitome of this balance, steeped in both traditional elegance and modern artistry.

Beyond The Ordinary

Prior to designing jewelry, the Hadjibay family worked as gem dealers, gaining years of experience in the market. They were known across Europe for their expertise in attaining gems of vibrant color and quality.  

Now, the Hadjibay family uses their knowledge to fit brilliant fine gems with eclectic materials like pearls, coral, and turquoise. By melding stones of various hues, cuts, sizes, and shapes into cohesive and showstopping jewelry, Andreoli exemplifies ingenuity while retaining the classical elements of quality design.

Visionary Designers

Under the direction of head jeweler Caroline Hadjibay, the team at Andreoli holds versatile luxury as the core tenet of the company. While Caroline leads the effort to expand the company’s U.S. presence, patriarch Jack Hadjibay remains the design and innovation backbone.

With an eye for contemporary design, Andreoli continues to evolve while holding true to its Italian heritage and American influences.

Our expert jewelers constantly seek fresh inspiration, techniques, and motifs. They utilize cutting-edge techniques with unexpected materials like eye-catching enamel, mother of pearl, and lightweight titanium. The team also specializes in sewing diamonds into satin silk, a skill exemplified in Andreoli’s signature necklaces.



The Hadjibay family enters the gem trading industry, beginning the Andreoli journey.


Patriarch Jack Hadjibay, the descendant of generations of gem dealers, expands the company to include jewelry design.


Andreoli’s magnificent pieces receive commissions from around the world, including the royal families of Greece and Morocco. Andreoli becomes globally renowned for its regal designs and exceptional combinations of traditional and non-traditional stones.


Andreoli opens their showroom at Rockefeller Plaza, marking the company's expansion to the United States.