Gemstone Guide


A treasured stone that has been loved for centuries. Ancient civilizations even believed that it had powerful properties for soothing and healing. Today, it is well-loved for jewelry because of its royal violet colour that comes in both vibrantly saturated hues or softer pastel tones that make every piece look magical.


One of the most tranquil and serene stones. With its captivating color that ranges from pale blue to light green, it can definitely make the wearer feel a sense of calmness. It is also said to symbolize innocence and youthfulness, which definitely comes into play when it's used in fine jewelry pieces.


A kind of quartz with colors that range from soft tones of yellow to rich hues of brown, bringing an alluring sense of warmth to every jewelry piece it lends itself to. Depending on how it is treated, citrine can have a sophisticated linear appearance, or a spectacularly cloudy look.


The undeniable epitome of luxury. It is a sought-after stone that symbolizes love, perfection, and purity. It holds one of the highest hardness among natural materials, thus making it the choice stone for jewelry pieces that are meant to last forever and be passed down from generation to generation.


Gemstones that are well-loved for their elegant green color. The best kinds of this stone are vibrant-hued ones with an eye-catching, rich, and saturated tone. They symbolize wealth and abundance, thus making every piece that features it look like a jewel made for royalty.


Universally known as the metal of glamour and grandeur. It is associated with all things luxurious, which makes it the choice metal to set endless kinds of gems and jewels on. It can transform any stone into a piece of spectacular luxury.


A precious gemstone that has been cherished in cultures around the world for centuries. It is loved for its delicately green color that's soft, feminine, and elegant.

Lemon Quartz

A cheerfully bright gemstone that showcases a shining yellow color. It presents a sense of lightness that makes it a perfect fit for elegant everyday jewelry.


A captivating stone with a color that's deep and commanding. In every jewelry piece that it lends its beauty to, it makes a powerful statement and adds a layer of alluring mystique. Onyx definitely one of nature's most unique stones.


One of the most popular gemstones for fine jewelry because of the magnificent colors that dance around within it. It has an iridescent, chrome-like quality where you can see the tones change as the light hits it from different angles.


Luminous spheres of natural beauty that have been well-loved by women of all centuries. Every pearl jewelry piece creates a aura of elegance and class the stone is forever associated with. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes but always holds that heavenly shine and feminine allure.


A crystal-like mineral that's a thing of charming beauty. It's a versatile stone that comes in an array of attractive colors that can perfectly work with different kinds of jewerly pieces. It also has impressive hardness that makes it durable enough to be part of your collection to be treasured forever.


A dark-tone metal that's a unique alternative to classic yellow gold. It has been gaining popularity because it brings forward a modern, sleek, and sophisticated twist in jewelry. Its deep color has a unique metallic luster that can enhance the precious stones that are set on it.


A rare stone that's beloved for its vibrant red color. It is said to symbolize love, passion, energy, which makes it one of the most romantic stones for fine jewerly pieces. It is also ranks high in hardness, which can make it a treasured heirloom piece to last for a lifetime and more.


A precious gemstone that's known for its radiant blue hue. It also comes in an array of divine colors such as pink, purple, orange, and green. Each jewerly piece that features this treasured gemstone transforms itself into a picture of grace, poise, and elegance.


A sought-after mineral that's known for its dashing cool hues. It's especially loved for its ability to present a wealth of colors - alluring violets and charming blues - when you view them from different angles and light setups. Whenever it's set on a jewelry piece, it creates truly spectacular sensation.


A gemstone of a golden color that's rich, lively, and spirited. It's associated with optimism and positivity, which certainly reflects on the dynamic jewelry pieces we create with this stone. Although its yellow variant is the most popular, it also comes in an array of other beautiful hues such as red-orange and blue.


A unique gemstone that can hold nearly every color of the rainbow. It can display anything from luscious greens and blues, to fiery reds and warm pinks. On top of the stunning colors, tourmaline has a majestically lustrous finish that illuminates every jewelry piece it's on.


An incredibly beautiful stone with a vibrant green jewel-tone glow. It suits both classic and contemporary pieces of jewelry where it adds a refreshing layer of elegance.


A luxurious mineral that comes in brilliant tones of blues and greens. What sets it apart is its opaqueness which highlights its color and allows it to be even more bold and distinguishing.


Known for its distinguished strength and durability. This quality makes it a choice metal to set timeless gemstones on. It also has a unique sheen that's gentle yet glowing.